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*What's the difference between ADSL, 3G and Wireless?

ADSL internet comes through your fixed phone line so it's good for use at home, but you can't take it with you.

Wireless internet includes different technologies like iBurst, WiMax and Neotel) and is mostly used as an alternative to a fixed line at home. You should be able to use it anywhere in the house and if you are lucky you might also have some limited coverage out and about.

3G internet works a bit like your mobile phone. You get a sim and modem which plugs into your computer. 3G is the most mobile and has the widest coverage.

*What about Account Type? What do I need?:

ADSL comes in 3 parts and some providers list packages differently:

1) the phone line
2) the ADSL line
3) the Data

Data Only is the price for part 3. Part 1 and 2 has to be bought separately from Telkom. Only go for this if you have an ADSL line you are happy with.

Complete is the price for part 2 and 3, you still need a phone line but don't need to rent an ADSL line from Telkom. If you don't have an ADSL line yet, this is usually the best option.

3G and Wireless don't need a phone line and are all listed as complete.

*Price: How much you pay each month. How flush are you feeling?

*Size: How much data you can download in a month. 1GB is the same as 10,240 web pages and emails,
7 hours of YouTube videos, 256 songs or 1800 pictures.

*Speed: How fast the data comes down your line.

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For a more detailed explanation check out our Broadband Guide